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Desire - 12 erotic short stories by Malva B.
DESIRE - Erotic Short Stories

Join a group of Swedes on an erotic trip through Stockholm, the Czech Republic and all the way across the Atlantic to South America. Jonathan and Julia meet up with the fearless José, who they have developed a hot fuck buddy relationship with, and he introduces them to a steaming hot club... Fredrik and Hanna travel to Argentina where they find a couple who never seems to run out of passion in their relationship. These erotic stories are filled with tales of group sex and the desire to let go of control. Everyone makes love to everyone, without the slightest hint of guilt or remorse. There’s something for everyone in this erotic story collection: threeways, break-ups, sexual awakenings and one-night-stands. It's a journey towards pleasure. 

This erotic collection includes the short stories:
Honeymoon - The Professor - Coming Out - Pavilion of Desire - Threesome - Horizontal and Vertical Friends - Red Roses - The Outing - Mothers - Fuckbuddies - The Lover - Roleplay

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The merry widow - an erotic short story by Malva B.


It is soon Christmas Eve and Hannah is taking the train to Paris to meet up with an old flame, Daniel, who she has re-connected with on Facebook. On the train, everything seems to remind her of Daniel – the Merry Widow Waltz playing on the radio, the conductor and even the movements of the train. She is tingling with excitement at the thought of seeing him again after so many years. Each time she closes her eyes, she dreams about Daniel and the passionate time they spent together, vividly reliving their first encounter in Stockholm and a train journey to Paris one Christmas. Will they feel this same passion when they meet again?

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Honeymoon - an erotic short story by Malva B.


"The singles section at Le Glamour is designed like a sex relay with various stops. The air is so heavy with testosterone that you can almost touch it. It’s warm. The first stop consists of a wall of black-painted Masonite with round holes of various sizes in it. On one side, guys insert their cocks; on the other side, women suck them off."

In an attempt to spice up their honeymoon, Julia and Jonathan follows José to a nudist village, sex club and swingers party at Cap d’Agde. The initial shyness quickly evaporates as they explore the erotic holiday resort like a theme park and discover all carnal desires...

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The Professor - an erotic short story by Malva B.


"I lie still, waiting. The head of his cock presses against my pussy as he readies himself. Alex takes hold of my hips. I help him find the right spot. We rock together. As naturally as if we were at sea. As naturally as if we had been together for months." 

In a skiing resort in Sweden, a pair of shy eighteen year olds bond over Russian literature, and in doing so find that they both want to investigate why everyone around them is so obsessed with sex. After much stumbling and nervousness, plus a broken bed and a lustful feeling of fulfillment, the night abruptly ends...

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Coming out - an erotic short story by Malva B.


"I lick my hand to show how much I desire her. I am not myself. I feel almost possessed. Strong. Peace’s heavy breathing arouses me even more. I lie on top of her. Hold her arms above her head and kiss her madly all over her face."

Frida has dreamed of seeing the mountain gorillas in the borderlands between Rwanda and Uganda for as long as she can remember. On the trip she meets the most beautiful woman, and is unable to keep her hands off of her. The only problem is that homosexuality is illegal in Uganda - punishable by life imprisonment or death penalty... do they dare?

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Pavilion of Desire - an erotic short story by Malva B.


"Alison can see Chris, the biker guy, and a couple of other men standing along the wall watching her. When the woman goes down on her, she starts kissing all the other bodies around her. She is enjoying being the center of attention. Being fucked in public."

In an attempt to spice up their sex life, Alison brings Chris to a sex club for the first time. There are bodies and people everywhere, different sizes and ages, and once Alison feels a bit more comfortable she joins in the sexual liberation, enjoying every part of it and as an extra bonus, with her orgasm, has a revelation about her orientation...

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Threesome - an erotic short story by Malva B.


"Morten encloses her with his body. Her nether regions are throbbing. Roaring. She grabs Morten’s hands. Weaves her fingers among his and stretches out their arms above his head as she leans forward. Morten raises his lower body. Fucks her faster. Harder. As does Knut. There’s no escaping them. No letup. Not now."

Lene has fantasized about a threesome for so long and now it is finally happening. Although her boyfriend is hesitant at first he and his friend rise to the occasion, in a very literal meaning – penetrating and taking over her body at the same time.

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Horisontal and vertikal friends - an erotic short story by Malva B.


"I lean forward and feel the head of David’s cock entering my ass. I place my hand on his thigh. Control the speed. The depth. Jonathan is thrusting. Harder. Faster. I grab hold of his hair. Feel myself expanding. Wanting them both. Now. I remove my hand from David’s thigh and slap his backside."

Julia and Jonathan continues to explore the singles world, now in Sweden with Dee and David, who are more than ready to help them get what they want. But what happens when they introduce the womanizer José to their single friend? Will there be heartbreak or gang bang?

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Red roses - an erotic short story by Malva B.


"She turns around and positions herself on all fours. In front of her, she sees Beatriz stroking Fredrik’s upper body and sucking him off with impressive intensity. Martin takes hold of Hanna’s hips with a steady hand and spanks her ass until it is red and smarting. He puts on a condom and seconds later is absorbed into Hanna’s soaking wet pussy."

Hanna is introduced into the swingers-world by her boyfriend Fredrik, and agrees to meet him in Brazil to have a fun and care-free weekend together. But what Hanna doesn’t know is that the couple they meet up with isn’t all that new to Fredrik... Are the orgasms worth the betrayal?

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The Outing - an erotic short story by Malva B.


"She smiles inanely at a passing teenage mother leading a willful two-year-old by the hand and hopes they don’t notice her spreading her legs at the same time. Chris lifts up her skirt. He moves her panties aside and inserts a finger into her pussy. Then two. Three. The warmth floods forth. Downward. All the way to her toes. She takes off her shoes and puts her feet up on the dashboard and moves the seat back."

Allison, who by accident ran into the mystery girl from the swingers-party she attended with Chris, is ultimately tired of the new lesbian life, which contains lots of hot sex but is also smothering... On her birthday she meets up with Chris again and he takes her for a car ride she’ll never forget. Be careful what you wish for.

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Mothers - an erotic short story by Malva B.


"Dick’s pants drop to the ground. He strokes himself. Karin waits impatiently for him to enter her. At last! With one thrust, Dick fills her, sending the hammock swinging. He slides out and grabs hold of her hips, making it swing back toward him. The hammock and Karin become one with the gardener and the security guard. Over and over and over again."

Karin - a single mother that has found her sexuality, and it is on fire, uses an erotic story to make her dildo come to life. Before her daughter busts into the room and brings her back to reality she imagines the security guard from work taking her for a magic hammock ride...

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Fuckbuddies - an erotic short story by Malva B.


"How their eyes met as she ran her tongue along the edge of his cock. How he was erect even before the tip of her tongue reached the head. How she spread her legs as he pulled her panties to one side and found his way in. Made himself at home. That’s all it takes. He cums right away."

Poul has had the perfect relationship with his best friend Ditte, a relationship that has also contained amazing sex. They are fuckbuddies who took a break because of Dittes feelings and desires for more... He should stay away, he knows this, but can he really make a rational decision when she makes his blood flow to his other head?

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The lover - an erotic short story by Malva B.


"In the mirror on the opposite wall, she watches as he enters her. At last. She cries out. She watches his body as he works his way farther and farther in. Deeper. Unbearably slowly. Her juices urge him on, flowing to the same spot. The sheet below is getting wetter and wetter. She smacks him until his skin turns to goosebumps beneath her hands."

Yvonne has met Simon through the website Simon is young and beautiful – flawless, and their lustful, casual relationship is perfect after a 13-year marriage. He gives her just what she craves: a toned body and a hard dick.

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Roleplay - an erotic short story by Malva B.


"Hanna sticks her hand into his briefs and massages. The sweet smell of sex spreads as she removes his last piece of clothing. He lies before her, naked and defenseless. She is filled with a feeling of control as he swells in her hand. She strokes his warm cock against her panties, as she has done with Martin so many times in her fantasies."

Hanna and Fredrik keeps exploring their sexual boundaries, this time in Prague, while trying to mend their relationship and find new and exciting things to try. A man catches Hanna’s eye at a strip club and they decide to pretend she’s a sex worker with her pimp. Hanna never knew having sex for cash could feel so enthralling, but the trip takes a turn for the worse when the truth about Fredrik is revealed...

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