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Malva B. is the pen name for a US based Swedish author educated in France debuting her works of fiction through the erotic short-story collection DESIRE - Risqué Stories.


An earthy Aquarius with a wild streak, she loves to shock and deviate from the norm. As a writer, she evolves beyond her own comfort zone, testing limits sometimes to the eccentric, and encourages readers to release their inhibitions with her. Her works express empathy with the lovers she pens, as she unfolds their human frailties.

 Malva challenges taboos across international borders without passing judgement. An intense feminist, she defends women’s rights promoting equality among all, especially through her art. Her passion for travel and curiosity for different cultures lead her to circle the globe exploring their views on sensuality and sexuality.

Above all, her stories share her freedom of spirit, igniting the imagination of her readers.

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